Organizations and institutions all over the world are exploring new models of living and providing health and human services. The Presbyterian Homes is seeking to lead in this search by applying historically successful, common-sense approaches to living and caring for residents to create long-term care communities where residents choose to live their lives with staff who enjoy assisting them. We, at The Presbyterian Homes, call this Person-Centered Care.

Person-Centered Care works to transform the traditionally institutional approach to care delivery into one that is person-directed. The culture envisioned is one of community, where each person’s capabilities and individuality are affirmed and celebrated. In this new model, quality of care and quality of life are inseparable and equally important. In a setting that embraces Person-Centered Care, the person always comes before the task, and the voices of elders and those working with them are considered and respected.

Person-Centered care is about creating a home inside a skilled nursing facility. It involves restructuring the nursing home and reorganizing the way things work. It is an evolution or journey home. Whether you are a resident, family member, employee or volunteer if you are interested in Person-Centered Care, please get involved. There are teams of residents, family members, employees and volunteers working now that will lead us down the path to home.