At The Presbyterian Homes Inc., we know that being a church-related, non-profit community service organization demands a commitment to maintain an outstanding record of sound financial viability and integrity. We further believe it requires an equal commitment to innovative business practices.

Our Goal

Sound business management and environmental stewardship are principles that can work together. Our environmental goal at PHI is simple and straightforward: To be the leader in environmental practices among Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) in North Carolina.

While we are early in this journey, we are committed to these strategies:

  • Develop a community-specific sustainability action plan for each PHI community.
  • Establish a sustainability work-group in each PHI community including residents and staff that actively works to advance sustainability efforts in their community.
  • Develop measures and targets for our sustainability efforts that can be bench-marked against others in our industry.

This commitment to our environment is not just good will – it makes good business sense. Investments in environmentally responsible practices and technologies deliver returns for PHI in significant ways:

  • Enhanced affordability for residents through reduced operating costs.
  • Growing our reputation as an innovative leader in our field.
  • Contributing to an improved overall quality of life in our local communities.

Committed to Financial Viability, Integrity, and Innovative Practice

When we all stand together, our efforts make a significant difference in the world our children will inherit. We believe there is a moral imperative to help sustain the natural world we depend so closely on. PHI is committed to making a difference, and we invite others who care about our communities’ environment to join us.