We have many employees who consistently stretch to serve our residents. The We Care Program was developed to help us be intentional about providing the very best service and care to all our customers, as well as catching our employees in the act of providing exceptional We Care Service to our residents, family members and co-workers. The We Care Program also provides a way to recognize our exceptional employees.


  • Seven Ways to Make a Difference
  • We Care Recovery
  • Five Disciplines
  • We Care Caught in the Act
  • We Care Award Program

Seven Ways to Make a Difference

The Seven Ways to Make a Difference are guides for providing We Care Service to our customers (residents, family members, volunteers and co-workers). Employees are encouraged to practice these habits as they go about their jobs every day. Employees who regularly practice the Seven Ways to Make a Difference become exemplary employees whose deeds and actions set them apart. They are recognized for their exemplary service and nominated to receive an award.

  • Become a Difference-Maker: Every employee has the power to decide if he or she is going to be an average employee just doing enough to get by, or if he or she is going to work each day with the goal to serve our customers and make a difference. Good employees choose to be a difference-maker.
  • Serve Your Fellow Team Members: You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.
  • When No One is Watching: Most employees do a good job when someone is watching, but the best team members do the right thing even when no one is looking over their shoulders.
  • Service Recovery: Those employees who view customer problems as challenges to be conquered rather than annoyances, interruptions or just that the customer is wrong, are the ones who enjoy their jobs and become valuable employees with any organization.
  • A Sense of Urgency: It is critical that every member of the team understands that delivering service or care in a safe but quick manner is the key to pleasing the customer.
  • Engage the Customer: One of the skills or traits that separates an average employee from the best is learning to be sensitive to the customer’s needs. Often this means anticipating what the customer wants or needs. Customers are less likely to get upset if you engage them rather than ignore them.
  • The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

We Care Recovery

No one is perfect – we all make mistakes and once in a while, things just happen that we cannot prevent. As a result, we fail to fulfill our mission to provide excellent care and services to our customers, and they become dissatisfied and unhappy. We need to make a We Care Recovery Plan. Sometimes all we need to do is apologize and “fix it,” but other times, we need to do a whole lot more. We need to WOW our customers by doing more than they ever expected! During orientation and annual in-services, employees receive training on how to identify the severity of the situation and determine what needs to be done in order to make an exemplary recovery.

Five Disciplines

The five disciplines are guidelines for employees to follow in determining what actions should be taken when they encounter an unexpected situation while performing their jobs. The safety of residents, visitors and employees is always the number one priority. Second is compassion (showing sincere concern and understanding). Third is treating others with courtesy. Appearance (having our communities and employees look their best at all times) is fourth, and efficiency (doing the job in the most efficient way possible) is fifth.

We Care Caught in the Act

This program is a way we can document the staff who are Caught in the Act of providing We Care Service by nominating them for a We Care Service Award. Supervisors, co-workers, volunteers, residents or family members may submit nominations. See Human Resources for further details and a nominating form. Recipients are presented with an award and become a candidate for the We Care Employee of the Year Award from their community.

We Care Employee of the Year Service Award

Each year, one employee from each of our communities is selected as the We Care Employee of the Year. To be eligible for the award, an employee must have received a We Care Service Award during the past year and must have consistently exhibited the Seven Ways to Make a Difference. The candidates are reviewed, and winners are selected by a committee at their community. The winners are celebrated and recognized at their community with a plaque and cash award from the Vice President of Operations.